Wonderful Rescue It Doesn’t Get Аny Сuter Тhan When А Кitten Нelps А Мan Рropose Тo Нis Girlfriend

Jerad Forsyth and Kat Woodley met in 2014 on a blind date and fell in love right away. Jerad made the decision to propose to Kat after two years of dating, and he wanted it to be unique. Fortunately, Jerad knew it was his ideal chance since the couple was about to adopt a kitten from their neighborhood shelter.

Jerad went to the shelter and adopted an adorable gray kitten named Gandalf. He also called the Erie County SPCA and told them his plan, and they were happy to help.

Jerad said he had to work, so Kat went to the Erie county SPCA and pick the cat up alone. What she didn’t know was that her man was planning to propose to her at SPCA and was preparing a surprise.

“I was very surprised… They handed me [a cat] and asked me to read the tag. Jerad’s aunt works at the SPCA so I figured she bought us the name tag,” Kat told Metro.

Will you marry me? was written on the tag around the cat’s neck, which shocked Kat. Jerad arrived shortly after, dressed in a suit, and got down on one knee to pop the question.

Kat was so happy and said ‘yes’ to Jerad and the kitten. SPCA captured the whole thing in a video and it instantly went viral.

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