Woman Аssumed Сlock Was Вroken Until She Figured Оut Тhe Сause

Willow has always been incredibly interested about everything around her, even as a little kitten.

According to Willow’s mother, Michelle O’Connor, “She climbs in an open cabinet or drawer and hides in shopping bags or basically any bag.” “She meows angrily if you take her away. She is nicknamed as “twat cat” because she is always engaging in inappropriate behavior, such as chasing the dog.

If it’s in the house, then it’s fair game for Willow to claim it as her own and explore the heck out of it. Even if there’s something her family thinks she can’t get to, Willow always finds a way.

O’Connor noted that a wall-mounted clock had been off for the last few months. She wasn’t sure why it kept going wrong after she fixed it because it constantly ended up that way again. She simply thought that it was probably damaged.

O’Connor explained, “I changed the batteries since the clock went off at the beginning of November. “Two weeks later, I realized something was off, so I replaced the battery once more.”

Before her daughter found the reason, O’Connor was prepared to accept that the clock will always be off.

It turns out that, of course, the culprit was Willow. She’d been reaching up and swatting at the hands on the clock, causing the whole thing to always be wrong, and she was not at all happy when she was finally caught.

“My daughter caught her red-handed and sent me the film,” O’Connor said. “No guilt from her whatsoever. She just meowed in temper when she was stopped.”

Changing the hands on the clock had become one of Willow’s favorite games, and she definitely wasn’t happy about being stopped. Now, if she ever wants to play with the clock again, she’s going to have to be very sneaky about it, because her family is watching for it now.

“So far I haven’t seen her do it again,” O’Connor said.

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