With an infectious smile, this cat longs for someone to notice her and give her the dream home she deserves.

A cat wins over people with her irresistible smile while she waits patiently for a forever home.

A dilute tortoiseshell was found as a stray and brought to Salem Friends of Felines (in Oregon) along with her newborn kittens. They were immediately placed in foster care with a volunteer to cater to their every need.

Momma Priscilla (estimated to be seven years old) was very attentive and loving to her kittens, but eager for affection from her human friends. “She would leave her babies for a bit to come get brushed and pet,” Kayla, Foster Mom, told Love Meow.

After getting treated for a few health issues, the sweet cat mom lay happily with her kittens in their clean, warm nest, purring up a storm. “She was such a good mom. She was always so happy and sweet.”

Once Priscilla realized that Kayla was there to help her with her babies, she began taking more time exploring her new abode.

She tried to inspect everything from her surroundings, sniffing and pawing around with so much curiosity. The sweet feline gave the cutest reaction when she discovered her own reflection from a bathtub overflow plate.

It didn’t take long for Kayla to notice an endearing feature of Priscilla. The cat momma sports a cute little smirk on her face, and lets her tongue hang out when she is relaxed.

As it turns out, she is missing a few teeth, but it doesn’t bother her a bit. She continues to be a beam of sunshine to everyone she comes across.

Priscilla gave her kittens undivided attention and made sure that they were kept clean from head to toe. After weeks in foster care, the protective mom finally felt comfortable enough to let her kittens go off the nest on their own.

The tortie began to seek more attention and pets from her foster mom when her kittens entered the rambunctious phase.

“She liked to hold my hand,” Kayla added. “She makes some great biscuits (kneading) and can be a purr machine.”

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