Why Do Cats Growl? 7 Reasons You Should Know


Our kitties are creatures full of mystery. One moment you’ll see your furbaby kneading your stomach, head butting or rubbing up against you, and the next, they act as if they don’t know who you are.

They may go from purring little sweethearts to suddenly despise the sight of you.

What causes the switch to flip in behavior from purring, snacking, snuggling kitties to growling ones? Why do cats growl?


Cats have various vocalizations that they use to communicate, and growling or hissing is a common way in which cats express themselves. A cat who growls, spits, or hisses indicates a clear sign they are agitated, angry, or afraid of something.

Although we cannot speak fluent meow, let’s look into trying to understand why cats growl.

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