When Нe Мet Тhis Woman No Оne Wanted Тo Аdopt А Special Кitten

A little black and white kitten was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and a variety of skeletal issues.

Welcome to Zeke’s world!

No one was interested in adopting him out of all the individuals that came to the shelter, but that changed when Lisa discovered him.

He was just 13 weeks old and weighed 14 ounces when Lisa saved him just in time before he was put down. She made the decision to adopt him right then and there.

This meant that Zeke, the courageous and determined kitten, would have to board a plane and journey from Texas to New York City, where he would begin a new life.

Despite all his difficulties Zeke settled into his new home, he quickly worked out how to get around on his ‘twisty legs.’

“Zeke is hysterical, acting as any other kitten should, and despite his handicap, he has a LOT OF ABILITIES!!!” Lisa made a post on Facebook.

“For all his problems, he is really a brilliant little man,” she continued. “You can see how upset he gets with both of his front legs when he can’t accomplish anything since he knows his name and comes when you call.” The amount of superior knowledge he possesses is incredible.”

Zeke instantly became friends with Super Hero, the other feline in the house. His new brother had hydrocephalus as well, so they had a lot in common.

Zeke was taken under the wing of Super Hero, who looks after him like a little brother. He gently herds Zeke back into the room or taps him on the back with his paw if he goes somewhere he shouldn’t.

Zeke is ecstatic with his new family and life; he now lives in a loving and happy home.

UPDATE: Zeke is now an adult with the most stunning eyes I’ve ever seen.

He might not have found his forever home if it hadn’t been for Lisa. His story is a fantastic illustration of how love can work miracles.

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