What To Wear When You’re Traveling !!


Adventure is grand, and embarking on a trip is an exciting thing. Don’t let the wrong clothes catch you off guard on your adventure. When preparing for a trip, the number one rule is to be prepared for anything and everything that comes your way. You may not look like a model straight from a photo shoot, but those model status clothes won’t look so great when the weather rises thirty degrees out of nowhere.

Your best friend during travel is going to be your shoes. Airplane travel is a little different than the old ways of traveling, so you’re going to need something that’s both comfortable and easy to take off and put back on. Those full-on zip-up boots are not going to be worth it when you’re shuffling through customs to catch your flight. Fold up shoes are your best option, but at least go for something that slips on.

Pack light and wear light. Layers are good for spending a day out, but not when you’re limited to a small carry on bag. Whatever you might shed off during the flight needs to be limited. You will get cold, it will get too hot, but you will not need five coats and three pairs of pants.

Another great asset will be a jacket with tons of pockets. You will have lots of little things to carry with you, including your phone, passport, plane tickets, sunglasses, camera, and whatever else you may need. Travel jackets can be found at decent prices, and you will not regret the pocket space when you’re stuffed into a plane seat. There are nice looking ones as well, so don’t get caught up in the first one you find.

Go for clothes that don’t stink. We all have that t-shirt that carries sweat like a perfume. This is not travel wear. Find clothes that you know will last you through the day and the crazy temperature changes. Considering finding pants that change into shorts. They were the coolest thing in middle school, and in travel they will be your best friend. The temperature will go up and down, so be prepared to stay cool or warm depending on where the temperature is.

When you arrive at your destination, you will need to be prepared for the weather there. Make sure to check the weather before you leave, that way you’ll be prepared for your first few moments. You can’t always count on making it to your hotel as soon as you get off the plan. Be prepared to finish out your day in your travel clothes if it’s necessary.

Bring a raincoat that fits. They are the most often packed and unused items, but you can bet that when you get caught in the rain you’ll be grateful for it. Most will fold up into tiny packages that can be stored easily in your carry-on, or even a pocket. You can also find cute alternatives, even ones that are customizable. Your choices are far from limited, and they fold up super small to make it that much easier. Not carrying one is a waste of space and potentially will damage everything you’re carrying if you get caught in a rain storm without one.

Wear something wrinkle resistant and comfortable. Choosing neutral colors will go a long way when you’re mixing and matching later in the day. That nice dress and heels may look great for dinner, but you won’t be loving it as you shift around to get comfortable on the plane. This doesn’t mean you have to bum it either. There are plenty of cute alternative, such as leggings, soft, yet attractive pants, and button downs. You have endless choices before you, just be smart while making them.

Consider wearing a hat. Not only will this solve a great deal of your potential hair problems, but when you exit the plane, it can protect you from the sun, or keep you warm depending on the climate. Choose a hat you like, though. Don’t get stuck with something you aren’t going to touch for the rest of the trip.

Choose what you will bring wisely and organize it. Every bit of clothing you bring should be easily accessible and not in the way to provide the most enjoyable travel experience.

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