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Water for beauty and health: what quantity?


How many liters of water need to be drunk to ensure beauty and health?

Assurance against  problems of the kidney, edemas and excess weight. Others insist on the contrary, after all water is life, hence, the more we drink it, the better. So how do we find out the truth and deduce this mysterious substance in … pure water?


Why drink?

The answer to this question seems obvious. We consist  of about 70-90 % water. Water participates in thermoregulation, delivers nutrients to destination, and reduces   an organism’s toxins.  There isn’t any process of metabolism without water participation. For this reason, it is so important to keep the water balance of an organism: the quantity of the spent liquid should be approximately equal to the volume that we consume.

If the organism regularly receives less quantity of liquid, the first kidney starts to function slowly, and part of their functions compels the liver to stop working normally too. As a result, rate of metabolic processes decreases, fats stops splitting, and metabolic products aren’t deduced from an organism. The consequence is — fatigability, headaches, the superfluous lbs, exfoliating fingernails, dry hair and peeled skin (by the way, all these we quite often refer to as stress which causes lack of sleep.) Constant shortage of water, besides, leads to constipation and even occurrence of stones in kidneys and in a gall bladder. If the organism loses 10 % of liquid, it  leads to gross infringements of work on the central nervous system.

6 liters is a fatal dose


In spite of the fact that the advantages of water is obvious, till now it is considered that the excess liquid overloads kidneys and threatens it with edemas, that lovers of water don’t get rid of excess weight, and together with waste products, lose valuable mineral substances which are ostensibly washed away from cells. We will try to understand what the truth here is, and what the result of sick imagination is.

Edemas: As it seems to be paradoxical, the reason of edemas is not excess of liquid, but its shortage. The matter is that, if the body doesn’t have enough water, it regards it as threat to life and starts to keep each drop at the first possibility. We can find out such stocks without effort in swelled arms and feet.

Use of diuretics in this situation is the most dangerous way because these preparations also deduce from an organism, water, together with important nutrients. So the best way to get rid of edemas is to allow an organism to be sated with water.

As to the washing away from an organism together with waste products of useful trace substances, it is really possible. But only in the event that you drink not less than 6 liters of water daily. Try to drink at least half of this dose, and you will understand the dangerous effects.

How many to drink?

To define, whether to drink sufficient liquid, it is possible in several ways. The easiest way is to understand it in terms of the color of urine; it should be light, almost transparent. It is also possible to pinch oneself in the arm; if the skin is smooth, it means, cells contain enough moisture, if not — it is time to change your drinking habit.

Daily we lose about 2 liters of water.  Not only from sweat or urine, but also through breathing  we lose almost half-liter a day). To restore these losses, we should drink not less than 2 liters of water a day. It is a norm for those whose weight makes approximately 132 lbs. Dietarians also recommend drinking a glass of water before each cigarette or a cap of coffee; these factors prevent dehydration.

It is natural that the references specified above are applicable only to healthy people. In case you have serious diseases ( like kidney or heart diseases), the water regimen is necessary for compounding with the attending physician.

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