Wе Resсued A Kittеn With A Brоken Jаw And Nаmed Нim Kеanu

Keanu is a kitten rescued from an apartment complex in Belleville, NJ who had many cats. The new management company doesn’t want cats and suddenly they started to disappear. Some cats were poisoned and others trapped in crawl spaces. Illegal leg hold traps were also used. Kittens and cats also seen injured. Keanu is a kitten that was kicked very hard in his face by one of the maintenance men who works at the complex. I was able to trap him after a few days. The little guy was smart and just looked at the trap. He was taken to the vet who confirmed his jaw is fractured, he also had teeth knocked out, but surprisingly it doesn’t interfere with his eating or drinking. The vet decided since he is a kitten his jaw should be left to mend naturally and they will closely monitor him. He is thriving! We named him after Keanu Reeves who loves animals. He was going to be placed for adoption with 11th-hour rescue, but I fell in love with this little guy! Keanu has found his forever home!

Keanu with his mouth open

Keanu hiding under a car

We successfully saved Keanu from a trap

Keanu at Vet office in Clifton, NJ

Keanu Kitten is a survivor!

Вlind Саt Whо Sаt Нoрelessly In A Раrking Lоt Nоw Gеts A Nеw Happу Lifе

The poor kitten who was bitten by a human on the neck had to undergo a long period of medical treatment