Unstoppable Charm: TikTok’s Beloved Cat Defies Odds with No Front Paws and Partial Tail, Winning Hearts with Backward Furniture Leaps and Captivating Adaptation.

Animal lovers are obsessing over an adorable cat who has to climb off furniture backwards because he has no front paws or tail.

Rex the cat, believed to be from Canada, lost his front paws and most of his tail after they froze when he fell in a water dish while he lived on a farm as a young cat.

He has since been learning how to adapt to his surroundings without the use of his some of his limbs.

Rex the cat, pictured, lost his front paws and tail when he lived on a farm. The sweet feline fell in a water dish and his feet froze,, leaving him with just nubs where his paws used to be
His owners post adorable videos on Tik Tok showcasing the daily adaptations Rex has made to get around and do typical cat activities.

To jump off furniture, Rex has come up with a nifty trick to help him manoeuvre off safely without hitting his face on the floor.

He shimmies his way backwards towards the edge of chairs and drops back, hind paws first, to the ground.

And, despite having nubs as opposed to paws on his front legs, the lovable cat is still able to zoom around the house pretty quickly.

One of Rex’s favourite poses is to stand on his back legs (left), which is how he got his name and he has developed his own unique way for getting down the stairs (right)
While some viewers of the videos were quick to tell his owners to buy a rug to stop him sliding on the ground, they revealed they would love to, but cheeky Rex urinates on them.

And he still has other feline instincts, such as attempting to scratch his owners furniture where his front paws used to be.

The videos have led to Rex, named after his signature pose of sitting on his back legs which makes him look like a T-Rex with his small arms, building up a loyal group of fans who adore him.

So far his TikTok account has more than 106,000 followers who admire him and send messages of praise and love.

Unlike other cats, Rex propels himself off furniture backwards to avoid hitting his face (left) and his sweet adventures have gained him a huge following on Tik Tok
Underneath one of his videos, on person wrote: ‘Rex could ruin my life and I’d be okay with it, he’s so precious.’

Another woman, named Natalia, said: ‘Not to be dramatic, but I’d die for Rex.’

Adoring fan Piper wrote: ‘Rex I love you so much I want to give you so many hugs.’

‘Even though he’s missing some parts, he’s still really happy and enjoying life. We could all learn something from him,’ one user added.


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