Two almost identical kittens, rescued together, form an unbreakable bond and never leave each other’s side.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia, USA, just received a litter of kittens. Kitten College volunteers worked hard to get them through, but two almost identical kittens required additional care. A shelter worker, Lauren Strycula, welcomed the kittens into her house.

Because they were so little, they snuggled together for warmth. They had various health issues, especially Jace, the youngest, who needed some time to learn to feed himself from a bottle; Jackie, his sister, remained by his side, helping him.

Both kittens improved as a result of the attention and medicines. They acquired weight and developed personalities. Jackie was extremely active and playful, while Jace was already sipping from the bottle and wiggled his ears in the process.

Almost identical kittens never leave each other’s side.

The kittens had come a long way in a short time; they had learned to use the litter box, play and explore, and even eat from a plate.

They developed their own identities; Jace became a mischievous youngster, while Jackie was calmer than her brother on her own, but they always sought one other’s company. They couldn’t be separated.

Lauren felt it was time to find them a permanent home now that they were self-sufficient and their health had improved. A couple interested in adopting the kittens saw photos of them on the Animal Welfare League of Arlington’s Instagram page and fell in love with them right away.
Alexandra and Bryan came at the rescue center and learned that they would be the ideal family for the kittens.

Lauren said to Love Meow:

“Kittens’ contagious joy in life, their quick trust in anybody they meet, their funny and contagious personalities, and their wonderful care for one another will stay with me forever. Although my part in the twins’ story is coming to an end, their happily ever after begins right now.

“We gradually introduced them to the rest of the house. They were bouncing off the walls and full of energy within hours of being home.

Whiskey and Pippa were the names given to the cats in honor of their new family. They spent their first night in their new parents’ bed. Whiskey fell slept comfortably on his father’s shoulder the next morning.

Alexandra said, ”
“Around midnight that night, Dad came upon some cat music that was supposed to help them relax. They had climbed into bed with us and cuddled up next to us the next thing we knew!’

Cuddly kittens can do everything together because they have such a strong relationship. Their mother claims that they always play together and that if one of them strays, they cry because they are lonely. The boys are closest friends and go about the home together, sleeping and eating together and even using the litter box at the same time.
Alexandra said, ”

“During the day, they enjoy lying in the hammock by the window and watching people walk their dogs; the birds are very attractive. They instantly come onto our laps and snuggle with us with the loudest purrs when they are not running.

The family is happy that the nearly identical kittens have been able to remain together; their relationship is wonderful. The parents of these children hope that by adopting in pairs, additional families would be inspired to do so; keeping these children together was the greatest decision they could make.

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