Treasured Friends: Introducing Mame and Riku, the Cute Pair—a little Japanese girl and her enormous poodle, inseparable in every moment spent together ‎

We’ve all had at least one childhood friend that we’ll never forget for the rest of our lives. Most of the kids have human best friends, but this one-year-old Japanese girl named Mame has a Giant Poodle named Riku as her childhood buddy. These two are probably one of the world’s most adorable child-pet tandem ever. From playing dress-up, taking a nap, to strolling outside, these two are absolutely inseparable. Riku is way bigger and taller than Mame, but regardless of their differences, they both get along really well. Mame’s grandmother stands behind every adventure of this dynamic duo, along with two other dogs, named Gaku and Qoo, and she shares them with the world through their Instagram account. View some of our favorite photos of this cute tandem in the gallery below.









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