Today is my birthday They said I’ll get no like because I am ugly is that true !!! ‎.

Let me begin by saying pleased birthday!

 Don’t overlook that your worth can’t be measured by what others suppose or what number of likes you get on social media. Magnificence is subjective and is available in totally different kinds. What actually issues is the way you understand your self. Your distinctive qualities, kindness, and character make you lovely in your individual approach. Take this big day to rejoice your self, embrace self-love, and acknowledge the optimistic impression you’ve gotten on others. Get pleasure from your birthday with pleasure and happiness, and don’t let anybody’s phrases have an effect on the way you see your self. You deserve love and happiness simply the way in which you might be.

In a poignant tale, during freezing temperatures, a homeless dog named Merlin ran after a car for 17 kilometers on the highway, desperately longing for the vehicle to stop and provide him with the opportunity for a caring and warm adoption. ‎

In a remarkable turn of events, Bely, the missing dog, made her way back home after an astonishing 465 days of being apart. Her touching actions, snuggling up to her owner and drifting off to sleep on their lap, have crafted a narrative of happiness that deeply touches the online community. ‎