This once-feral cat surprises everyone by inviting herself into the home of humans, where she finds a forever family and never looks back.

Sick of living a pointless life and need to be motivated? Don’t worry, this feral fluffball will be your inspirational influencer!

Cattitude is unpredictable and cats are known for having weird and spontaneous behaviors, they will do whatever they want in their logical thinking. There was a thread on Tumblr about a feral kitty who decided to be self-domesticated and she never left the Tumblr blogger‘s house since then. Knowing that the feral cat colony is wild, but this cat has stepped further to the evolvement of being a domestic cat.

The certified feline training and behavior specialist Molly DeVoss stated that feral cats tend to develop trust over time. “They learn that the person feeding them is reliable, predictable, and not going to harm them.”

“Over time, a feral cat can discover that a person can be depended upon, provide a good meal and warm place to stay, and begin to show their appreciation with tenderness.” – Molly concluded.

Let’s go through a full thread of this kitty maverick and let us know what you think about her in the comment section.
This cute little floof was born in a feral cat colony, but according to the Tumblr thread, she decided to domesticate herself

The thread’s author said that the cat had enough of her wild life and invited herself into their family

And it seems like the cat never regretted her decision

Someone suggested this is how cats got domesticated in the first place

Upon popular request, the author shared more pictures of their beloved former feral named Ghost

After 40 traumatic hours trapped in a drainpipe, a brave little kitten is finally reunited with her mother, who never gave up hope.

This sleepy kitten melts hearts when she wakes up in the morning, her adorable nature captivating all who see her.