This cat is overjoyed to have found a loving family after being found alone and abandoned.

Mini Cat Town’s director, Laura Malone, picked up a kitten from a local shelter that had been found alone and needed to be cared for. The black kitten arrived as a straggler, with no idea about his mother’s location. Mini Cat Town, a rescue group in San José, California (United States), was quick to provide assistance, and the best way to do so was to place him in a suitable foster home.

The kitten showed off his excellent personality soon after coming at his new home; he ate until he was totally satiated and then cuddled into Laura’s arms, soundly napping. The small kid felt confident in his new family’s safety.

Laura explained to Love Meow:

“He is already eating canned food on his own and appears to be in good spirits. Orphaned kittens have a tendency to speak a lot, however he has been extremely quiet and peaceful.

Kitten is pleased to be adopted by this family.

The new family has given the little panther kitten a cuddle room and plenty of care. When Koda is pleased, she lets out her playful side, and her purr is strong. When she needs some TLC, she curls up in her human’s arms, snuggles up, and kneads her paws to sleep.

There are beds in the room, but his favorite spot to relax is in his family’s arms. Koda, who is a bit of a loner, is always seeking the companionship of his loved ones; he is grateful to have such a wonderful family.

The curious kitten quickly gained a pound of weight. Koda was pleased with himself, and he fought ferociously with his small sticks with the scale’s tissue paper.

When Koda sees her father rushing for hugs, she appears to be on a mission to conquer all the hearts she comes across.

When Koda sees her father rushing for hugs, she appears to be on a mission to conquer all the hearts she comes across.

The cute kitten has a particular blanket that he sleeps with at night and brings with him everywhere he goes. For amusement, his adoptive family got him a toy rabbit.

Laura explains:

“Because they have no siblings to play with, lonely kittens may be a bit of a pain. I use plush animals to attempt to distract Koda. So I can fight with them, I pretend they’re other cats.

Laura intends to expose Koda to other kittens her age soon, and she hopes to be medically approved to finally let the panther kitten to interact with and play with other felines. Koda is well aware that she has her adoptive parents completely under her control.

Every day, Koda becomes more energetic and lively. Koda attempts to climb as much as he can, despite the fact that he is still growing and his leg muscles aren’t very strong. His personality is extremely powerful, yet he still has a long way to go.

Every day, the kitten thrives and is happy to have found a loving adoptive home. With his huge eyes and purrs, he has them completely enamored.

Koda has grown healthily and is extremely active and interested in the short time after he was rescued. The kitten has grown in size and personality, and he now likes proudly flaunting his fluffy new mane around the house.

The little kitten loves his new inside cat life, as well as being the darling of his parents. You’ll soon be able to meet other kitties, which will make the experience much more enjoyable.

On their Facebook page, you can learn more about the organization’s work, and on the foster home’s Instagram feed, you can follow Koda’s progress.


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