They Thought This Kitten Couldn’t Walk, but He Surprised Everyone When a Woman Took a Chance on Him

They thought this kitten couldn’t walk but the little kitty surprised everyone when a kind woman took a chance on him.

A little black and white kitten found himself at a pound in Montreal, Canada amongst other rescued cats. He had trouble using his hind legs when he tried to walk, and had to use his front paws to push himself forward.

Louise found the little guy at the shelter and knew she had to rescue him, since the shelter didn’t have the resources to keep him.

The kitten named Kidou came in a small frame and was only half the size for his age. Despite being so tiny, he was determined to grow. The sweet kitty wouldn’t let anything stop him from getting his food and pets from his humans.

Kidou was able to regain strength in his legs while he was in the care of his rescuer. With good food, regular massages, and plenty of love, he started to walk again.

Louise reached out to her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, and hoped to get the little guy the best care he deserved, and a chance at a forever loving home.

“He was so lucky to have Louise to care for him. Kidou arrived with us when he was eight months old, but he was only the size of a 4-month-old kitten,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with us.

“His eyes are a bit splayed out. He moves a little slower than other kittens possibly due to developmental delay.”

What he lacks in size, Kidou surely makes up for in personality. The little guy quickly found his favorite napping spot in his human’s lap.

“He settled into his foster home right away as if he’d been there all his life,” the rescue shared. “Since his arrival, he has been looking for cuddles constantly.”

Now, Kidou enjoys following everyone around the house, playing and napping on them. “He is very affectionate and likes to talk to his people. He will come and lie down on your chest for hugs whenever he gets a chance.”

If he spots someone sitting down, Kidou comes running and curls up in their lap.

The sweet kitten is so happy to be in a comfy home with people to love on. He fills the house with his adorable purrs and insists on being near his humans all the time.

“He follows us everywhere to see what we are doing. He is still very small for his age but so full of energy,” the rescue shared with us.

The kind woman gave Kidou a second chance at life. He regained his ability to walk and play, and is now thriving in foster care.

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