These beautiful cats, Maya and her brother, have been rescued from a struggling feral cat colony and given a new lease on life by kind-hearted individuals

Rescuers in Los Angeles helping a feral colony overrun by illness found the most beautiful, friendly gems, Maya and her brother Andres. We think you’ll agree that Maya is an exquisite feline, a “gorgeous floofy torbie” with sparkling jewel-like citrine eyes.

Whenever possible, rescuers try to find homes for friendly cats and kittens like these, while providing life-saving care for those who will always remain feral. Sometimes, they get the ameowzing bonus of microchip reunions, too! Other times, they find rare diamonds in the rough like Maya and Andres.

Maya the Stunning Friendly Torbie

Below is Maya, the beauty queen shared by her rescuer, Queen of Hearts in Los Angeles. She had TNR’d an entire neighborhood and discovered these two future pampered housecats.

“This is Maya! One of the friendly kitties I fixed from a neighborhood that was overrun with sick cats,” Queen of Hearts Rescue shared.
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Social Strays Maya and Andres

Maya and her brother were only six to eight months old when rescued. Without intervention, they would likely have remained strays and not lived much longer. Friendly cats often lack street-wise survival skills, many having been dumped or abandoned. And this colony was declining fast. But thanks to TNR, the whole colony got the care they needed too.

After the rescue, Maya and Andres won the cat lottery and went to a foster home within CAAT Friends. With vet care, they recovered from ringworm and upper respiratory issues “to name a few ailments,” the rescue said.

“This gorgeous floof came to us with her brother, Andres, via Queen of Hearts Rescue. She TNR’d a whole neighborhood and brought in the friendliest, got them fixed and then asked us to bring them into CAAT Friends. Maya is a super affectionate and playful lap kitty who can also be independent,” the rescue shared.

After getting lots of TLC in their foster home, Maya’s health continued to improve and she looks like a top meowdel.

She met many new friends in her loving foster home.

Now, she and Andres could experience life as carefree kittens that they had missed.

Online, people swooned at the pictures, so it’s no surprise that she and her brother were soon adopted.

It’s another great example that there’s never a good reason to go to a breeder for a ‘designer cat’. There are gorgeous felines at shelters and rescues everywhere on any given day.

“All the right floof in all the right places ,” said one person of Maya.

Did we mention her cute spotted belly?

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