The woman sees a stray kitten in Walmart, buys cat food and a carrier, and adopts him on the spot (VIDEO)


Walmart stray is adopted. Screenshot.

This is a cool video. So immediate. So instant and so correct. A woman is shopping in a huge Walmart. She spots a crying kitten with a heart-shaped pattern on his back (she named him Wally). The woman says something like, “I’ve always dreamed of this day”. She’s seen videos online and suddenly it is happening to her. She’s primed to act positively. She had the presence of mind to video the whole event. Clever.

The woman takes immediate action to adopt a stray cat in Walmart. Screenshot.

“Okay, so I’ve found a box. Here she can clearly get out of it, but I have found a can of kitten food that I am going to pay for.”


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