The two kittens were rescued just in time near a dumpster and were in very poor health. Fortunately, they received dedicated care from the volunteers and were able to recover

April 7th was the day when volunteers from Cat Shelter Felix from Subotica prepared a text in which they explain how difficult the whole situation has become both physically and mentally , and that they will not accept new cats or kittens. At that moment, they were informed about two machetes of mammals left in a burger box next to the dumpster.

They immediately went to get them, they could not allow them to stay where they are and where nothing good is written for them so small. When they arrived, someone put them in a container, probably because they were hungry and freezing and crying out loud , so they bothered someone. They crawled into that same container up to their waists to save their lives.

They were taken to the veterinary clinic in Subotica where they were warmed up, they were bought milk for kittens, diapers, cotton wool, wet wipes, lactose-free milk, sweet cream and everything else that will be needed. They had to wait for the transport to the asylum and hope that they were not too late because they were frozen when they were pulled out of the container.

However, the little ones did not give up. Sometime after April 20, they opened their doors. They immediately noticed that the black and white baby was very much in the mood for painting, while the black one was not, but the most important thing was that they were fine, growing and doing everything that is expected of babies – “eat, pee and howl”.

The little ones turned one month old on May 5th, and the shelter states that, unlike some previous mammals, these were quite “undemanding”, they were not taken to the vet every now and then, they did not fall and get sick (knock on wood). “They were as demanding as all mammals in terms of feeding, changing bottles and bathing, but so are all babies who are fed on a pacifier”, according to Felix.

We keep our fingers crossed that it continues like this!

Straу Саt Follоwing and Веgging to be Let Insidе Нad a Verу Goоd Reasоn

Despite still being alive and breathing, an abandoned cat found outside of a garbage dump was rescued in a timely manner