The touching moment when a dog says goodbye to its owner deeply touches the heart, underscoring the profound and emotional bond between them.

When Ryan Jessen, 33, died abruptly from a brain hemorrhage, medical employees responded in an unexpected way.

“The hospital was incredibly nice to us, allowing us to bring my brother’s dog in to’say goodbye,’ so she might understand why her human never returned home.” “If you knew my brother, you knew how much he loved his precious puppy,” Ryan’s sister Michelle posted on Facebook.

While the video of Ryan and his dog Molly’s touching moment was intended for the family circle, it went viral.

“Others’ tales, their participation in our grief, and so many people’s goodwill have greatly impacted and humbled us,” Michelle writes.

According to Ryan’s sister, Molly the heartbroken dog is in fine hands: “Don’t worry about the dog!” We’re keeping her!!! She’s a part of the family.” Michelle noted that Ryan’s donor heart is set to save the life of a 17-year-old just in time for Christmas.

Unable to hold back tears, the dog lowered his head in gratitude as passersby fed him after days of starvation, displaying immense thankfulness.

An elderly dog suffering from bone cancer was chained in a drunk man’s backyard without water or food, facing neglect.