The story of Ajda the cat from Belgrade: From a disabled cat to a cheerful jumper who loves to run

In mid-December 2021, Aleksandra Trajković Pavlović published photos of this dear kitty. As she wrote at the time, the cat was attacked by dogs, and the woman who rescued her did not have the conditions to treat and care for her. Both of her legs were injured, one completely broken. She also had a spinal injury and a large hematoma on her back. A vet appointment is scheduled immediately to see if surgery is needed and what the next steps are.

Spine and leg scans were taken there. According to Aleksandra, the following turned out: ” Matsa has three bite wounds on her spine, a large abscess was formed that was pressing on her spine .” A lot of pus has come out, the wounds have been cleaned, she is on antibiotic therapy and we are monitoring the further development of the situation. Fortunately, the spine is not damaged, one leg is fully extended, probably neurological, and the other has a knee problem. The pelvis also moved. The wound smells terribly, because it has not been treated, and the injuries occurred a few days ago.”

What needed to be done was to heal the swelling and infection, to take further steps . She was not in a good condition, she was exhausted from pain, and Aleksandra hoped that her condition would get better. She was named Ajda.

Over time, she slowly recovered from her injuries. Somewhere at the end of December 2019, Aleksandra published more information about Ajda’s condition – one leg was in trouble, it was assumed that it was a knee fracture , but since the leg was still in pain and the whole skin was skinned, they planned to repeat the recording when it is repaired. She slowly recovered, received therapy and was hospitalized.

She was recovering well, with exercises and efforts, good care, she was able to walk and the wounds healed , only a hematoma the size of a walnut remained on her spine. “Ajda was literally crushed by the dogs, she couldn’t walk or defecate on her own, but now all that is behind us,” Aleksandra wrote at the time.

Months passed, and in mid-May 2022, Ajda had an operation. The hematoma on her back turned out to be a hernia . Everything was repaired immediately and sterilization was carried out. Then Aleksandra hoped that better days were coming for this hard-working kitty.

After more than a year of effort and daily work, she has fully recovered. She is very cuddly, sterilized and vaccinated. However, she lives with cats and she doesn’t like it. “She would like the two of us to be in a separate room for 24 hours, for me to cuddle her, and for her to purr and knead. If you can give her the home she dreams of being the only one, please contact me. Ajda is waiting for you”, Aleksandra wrote.

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