The poor kitten who was bitten by a human on the neck had to undergo a long period of medical treatment

In the world of animal rescue, it seems there is no limit to the abuses animals experience. However, there are some stories that are so shocking, no one would have ever expected it! Animals are treated like garbage, tossed in the trash daily. We hear of them being shot with everything from arrows to darts. Their abusers are hopefully caught and punished, usually not with enough justice in my opinion. But last week in California, a woman held up a kitten’s neck to his mouth and shocked the world.

She was actually biting the poor defenseless animal on the back of the neck!

Baffled bystanders at a local park watched as the woman began biting the tiny kitten. Thankfully one caring human bravely approached the woman, intervening to stop the horror. They rushed the injured kitten to the closest animal hospital to treat the wound.

He is on pain medication and antibiotics and is recovering well, but it is a really upsetting and deep wound. In spite of this horrific trauma, he is in good spirits, purring and happy to be safe.

Not only had the sweet baby boy been exposed to unthinkable terrors, he was also suffering from ringworm. While it’s very contagious to humans and other animals, it’s easily treated.

I’m curious how it affects the human mouth now though. And while the woman is clearly suffering from mental issues, hopefully she will also receive much needed treatment.
Now that the kitten’s neck wound was addressed, there was another issue he was facing.

Where would he go? During the healing process, things can change in an instant for a delicate young soul. But there is a very special woman that heard of the atrocious act and stepped in.

Hannah Shaw, a.k.a. Kitten Lady, knew in her heart she would do anything she could to see the fluffy boy survive.

I thought he would make a perfect addition to the nursery because I can get him healed & then introduce him to the others once he’s past quarantine. [They] are the same age and he is very much worthy of friendship.

But the moment I got him home I realized he is covered in ringworm. So now instead of being my bedroom baby, he is my bathroom baby—staying in strict quarantine while I treat him for the neck wound and the ringworm.

[It’s] very contagious so I cannot risk getting everyone else sick. For now, I visit him with gloves on. I truly cannot wait to get him all better. The hardest part about this for me is how much I long to just hold him and cuddle him, to put him in bed with me and shower him with affection.

With Hannah’s expertise, her new foster now named Archie, will be in the best hands during the healing process.

Just because Archie made it out of the animal hospital that first day, doesn’t mean it’s going to be smooth sailing from here. Hannah has to make sure that his wound does not become infected. Meaning that while he is with her, daily bandage changes, cleaning and medications fill his schedule.

And Archie is taking it all with poise, love and overwhelming cuteness.

During these first days of healing I will be removing his bandage daily, flushing out the deep bite wound, applying a special ointment, and wrapping him in a fresh bandage. Today I chose blue to match his beautiful eyes.

He is also on pain medication and an antibiotic to help him get through this period of healing. His wound looks very painful and I just keep thinking how much I cannot wait for it to be a faded old scar he never has to think about again.
What better sound to hear as his neck heals and the days go by though, than Archie purring for the first time in her care.

What Hannah does for all animals is miraculous. And the fact that she shares the true up’s and down’s of rescue life is more than admirable. Because it’s not easy. In fact every single day is a challenge.
Not every kitten will be bitten on the neck, discarded in the trash or simply abandoned to perish.

But for those that are subject to this heartbreaking situations, we will not give up on you. Thousands of loving people around the world will be there to bravely step up.

Hannah’s social media pages are full of overwhelmingly tear-worthy success stories. It’s these glimpse’s inside the world of fostering that inspire others. It’s not easy and it’s devastating.

However, each small miracle and survival tale remind us that every small purr makes it worth it.

When the world feels broken beyond my control, the one thing that brings me peace is focusing on my small corner of the world, and trying to make it a little less crummy. A fresh bandage on a kitten’s neck. A warm bottle for a hungry baby. A gentle touch for an innocent being who has suffered so much. A promise that things will get better, and the knowledge that that’s a promise I can truly keep.

In times like these, I need Archie as much as Archie needs me.

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