The poor cat was unfortunate to carry many illnesses inside its body and was abandoned by its owner on the street

Cat Shelter Felix in Subotica states that many people wonder why they don’t publish the address of the shelter publicly and say – here’s why. On Tuesday, April 18, at 6 a.m., this dawned outside their gate. “Of course, there was no food for our cats in the box tied with wire,” the shelter said.

There was a kitten inside. They organized transport to the veterinary clinic, because they must not bring such an unknown cat anywhere near “FIVs, snotty people, old people, until they find out what her health status is”.

They examined her in detail at the veterinary clinic. Maca is an adult tricolor, she does not have a chip, she is not sterilized, she is only positive for feline corona. Her blood count is fine, she purrs, cuddles, eats, has a discharge from her eye, but that will be resolved with therapy.

The only thing that worries them is the appearance of her ears, they are afraid of cancer … In addition, she should be sterilized and vaccinated.

“We will forever remain in the dark as to why someone threw a healthy, adult, tame cat out of the house/yard? Where humanity has disappeared , even she is just a living being in need of attention”, they conclude from the asylum.

She was sterilized on Friday, April 21. Something they haven’t come across yet is a completely “blown out” pad on the cap. Unfortunately, she still has to undergo ear surgery, because they are afraid that it is cancer.

They spayed her, she was dewormed and flea tested, she was operated on for ear cancer and she is currently recovering in a cage until her strings are removed. It is very cold, there is no sausage in the bowl when you turn around, it is soft and dear.

They don’t know if she is glad that she ended up with them, but when they think that the one who left her would certainly not treat her, they are happy that she became their tricolor flower.

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