The heartbroken husky, unable to stop its tears, stands by the grave of its beloved owner, grieving the loss with profound and poignant emotions.

A dog who is mourning the loss of his owner finds it incredibly challenging to cope with the reality. He expresses his sorrow by shedding tears and whimpering beside her grave unable to come to terms, with the loss. This heart wrenching incident serves as a testament to the emotional bond that dogs form with their owners.

Wiley, a wolf dog exemplifies unwavering loyalty towards his owner, Gladys making it immensely difficult for him to come to grips with her passing.

In a moving video captured at Gladys funeral we witness Wileys grief as he mourns uncontrollably while lying peacefully beside her tombstone. The sight of Wiley sobbing and trembling has touched the hearts of viewers who have witnessed this display.

During one poignant moment in the footage a compassionate family member reaches out to comfort Wiley and tenderly utters “We miss her too.”

Since being shared on YouTube by user SarahandtheWolves this poignant video has garnered a 9,174,611 views. A testament to its impact.

Notably Wiley is part of a group of wolf dogs that provide invaluable support and rehabilitation for veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder upon their return from combat. These incredible animals are cared for through LARC (Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre) which specializes in offering assistance not for wolf dogs but also horses.

To address any concerns, about Wileys well being raised by viewers of the video SarahandtheWolves included an explanation ensuring that he is receiving care and attention.

“I’m not an expert, in care so I can’t say for certain if hes experiencing reverse sneezing like some of you ” SarahandtheWolves clarified.

“. I can tell you that this behavior is completely new and unusual for him. It’s something I’ve never seen before or since. Maybe it’s just my way of romanticizing his actions. It helps me cope with the loss…”

“Whenever someone expresses concern that he might be dying I reassure them that he’s not. The veterinarian, at the sanctuary, Wiley is truly remarkable.”

If you’re interested you can click here to watch a video that captures this moment.

Lying on the ground, he reflects on why he was separated from his mother and abandoned, contemplating the unfortunate circumstances of his fate.

Lily, the blind Great Dane, and her guide dog demonstrate a love that transcends disability, exemplifying the power of companionship.