The heartbreaking story of the cat who was hit by a car is a testament to the resilience of life

Boško the cat from Kotor Varoš and his life story in less than a year of life and his will to live is stronger than any difficulty that befell him.

After he was hit by a car as a street kitten , he was brought to the infirmary with a broken leg and tail. But he was so exhausted that for the first 3-4 days he was on pure survival and put on infusion and medication. After recovery, he was successfully operated on. He spent more than a month living in the outpatient clinic. The leg was quickly healed, but the wound at the site of the fallen tail took a long time to heal. The wound just healed and they stopped using the medicine, the redness appeared a few more times. After more than half a year of stay with the volunteers of the Vardi Animal Protection Association , he was castrated and fully recovered.

Luck smiled on him, so that he wouldn’t be the only kitten in a shelter for dogs, on the other side of Europe, a girl offered to take him into her home temporarily, until he was adopted. After staying with her for a while, she realized that the redness on his bottom had reappeared. She visited a specialist veterinarian, where it was established that she will have this problem until she is operated on, that is, the excess skin is removed.

He is currently in the clinic under medication, and is awaiting surgery. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well.

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