The girl had a headache because this was something her little brother brought back. However, later everyone agreed that it was a right decision

because the gentleness in the human heart is not equal Even if trying to teach or tell each other when they are adults, they probably won’t be able to do it. Must let them experience or learn that this little life has a heart, even if some people may not accept or change because kindness must occur when we were raised in the family.

Like this story, Facebook user Hilmee Les’t Go posted a heartbreaking story when her sister went to Seven. But when she got home, she had a headache because this was what her younger brother had brought back with him. Even in a state of complete fungal disease

She had to go after it because she was a soft-hearted person and was already a cat slave. Which her younger brother couldn’t help but really pity the cat, so carrying it back So she posted that even now, he may not be handsome and no one sees his value. which she will make him handsome herself

and gave the name to Nong Yobi, the stray cat Seven Because who knows that just going to Seven will make things happen? It’s a free gift that comes back with the need to take care of this little life. But she was glad because of her slavery and gentle heart. We would like to thank both her and her for being willing to take care of them.

And gave him a new life as the last house to receive love with a warm family and do not have to endure in the city but without the people who carefully Even if we saved just one stray cat, the world might not change much. But one life we ​​raise with love for their world will change forever.


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