The cat that was shot in the leg is showing incredible resilience and determination, as it strives to repay the shelter that saved its life.

Mama Mia the rescue cat, mom to kittens Ravioli, Tortellini, and Gelato, is a finalist in the Flaunt Your Feline Contest

Mama Mia! This sweet rescue kitty has been through a lot.

In June, this stunning tabby was brought into Highland County Humane Society as a stray with her three kittens (Gelato, Ravioli, and Tortellini), and she was in rough shape.

The staff at the rural Virginia shelter believes Mama Mia (Mia for short) was hit by a car and received multiple fractures that healed improperly from the incident. A vet examination at Highland County Humane Society also revealed that one of Mia’s back legs was riddled with pellets from being shot.

To save Mia and make sure her babies had a mama cat to care for them, the team at Highland County Humane Society amputated the feline’s pellet-filled back leg. The brave mother is now resting up at a foster home with Ravioli and Tortellini — Gelato has since been adopted — but she is still working hard.

While she recuperates from her amputation, Mama Mia is working to win $5,000 for the shelter that saved her life through Royal Canin and’s Flaunt Your Feline contest. The contest, created to celebrate cat heroes across the U.S. and the launch of’s initiative, asked fosters and adopters to share their most creative feline foster/adoption stories. The contest has chosen its finalists, including Mama Mia, and animal lovers are now able to vote for their favorite feline. Voting ends at 11:59 p.m. on August 5.

The contest’s two grand prize winners will receive a special consult from Jackson Galaxy and a $5,000 animal welfare grant from The Jackson Galaxy Project and sponsored by the US Animal Health Business of Boehringer Ingelheim, as well as a year supply of premium cat nutrition and a consult from Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw from Royal Canin.

Regardless of whether Mama Mia is one of the grand prize winners or not, she has still won. She is enjoying the comfort and safety of a loving foster home and is on her way to finding a forever home for her and her kittens Ravioli, and Tortellini. If you are interested in adopting Mama Mia, or one of her kittens, visit Highland County Humane Society’s website.

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