The Cat Is Sick And Is Begging For Help, It’s Full Of Wounds And It’s Hard To Breathe!

The cat named Oreo is very sick and has trouble breathing. In addition, the cat also has a runny nose and inflammation in the mouth. I found this cat trying to survive in the park on May 22, 2021 and got her treated. I gently grabbed the cat’s neck to check if it was dehydrated.

I’m going to take this poor cat to the vet right now. It was raining, the cat kept meowing like it was in pain and tired. Oreo is being examined at the vet. Doctors conducted tests and found the Panleukopenia virus in cats.

12 days later. The cat has been discharged from the hospital and is back. But it needs to be watched and kept strong. I will give him antibiotics for a long time so he can fight off the virus. In addition, the cat is always well-fed.

When Oreo was sick, he didn’t eat a few meals and didn’t drink water. That’s why you can see traces of the serum on the cat’s front paws. If your cat doesn’t eat or drink water, take it to the vet right away. Otherwise, things may happen that you don’t expect. I bought good food and pate for him.

I feed hundreds of feral cats every day and take sick ones to the vet. I also adopted cats, bought blankets, and built houses for them. A feral cat’s blankets and food bowls get dirty in no time because most of the time they play in the dirt or mud and come into direct contact with objects.

When I found Oreo, it was a kitten, and its health was pretty bad. The cat is still not fully recovered, and it will need to be on antibiotics and under the supervision of doctors for a while. Currently, I and the medical team are still taking care of Oreo and other feral cats. Hopefully one day soon they will have a good family to adopt.

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