The allure of his mesmerizing emerald eyes is irresistible, captivating not only me but also all who encounter him. How could anyone possibly resist their enchanting gaze?

One incredibly beautiful cat decided to introduce himself to everyone. Well, read his story.

Hello everyone! My name is Jacky. I was just a little kitten that long ago in 2012 when a volunteer from the Cat Shelter Jessica spotted me on the roof of a low house hiding from the dogs that were just waiting for me to come down.

My brave rescuer dispersed the dogs and brought me to my current home. He could not resist my emerald eyes. It’s been 11 years since then, I’m no longer a scared kitten, now I’m a big cat, but with the same beautiful green eyes.

I like to lie down and enjoy the sun with my feline friends, but I also love to cuddle with people . I like it best when I’m in the arms of a man and that’s why, although I like him very much here in the asylum, I decided to find my man, someone who will protect me, take care of me and of course who will always be in the mood to cuddle with me.

If you, like my rescuer, were enchanted by my emerald eyes, write to my people at Cat Shelter Jessica . Džeki is ready for adoption.

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