Stunning Photos of Twin Kitties with Same Colored Odd Eyes

Okay, these have to be the world’s most beautiful twin cats. They have angel white fur, with the most unique eyes in the world.

The twin sister kitties are two of a kind. They were born almost completely identical. Their highlight — they both have the most gorgeous eyes…one is blue and other hazel…in the same order.

Meet Iriss and Abyss.

These two beauties are 9 months old, and are from Saint-Petersburg.They met their human dad at 3 months old. The two sisters are completely inseparable.

Their different colored eyes, better known as heterichromatic are amazing! The two sisters are in great health, and are a very playful pair.

Heterochromia is a genetic mutation that results in different colored eyes. Their human dad confessed on Instagram that the two furry sisters are neither Angora or Turkish. They’re actually of a mixed breed.

When Iriss and Abyss were still little kittens…

“I have a secret to tell you.”

Cuddling with their human daddy…adorable!

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