Straу Pint-Sizеd Cаt With Rаre Cоndition Adoрted By Lоving Ownеrs

Emily’s life got changed by a little angel with a rare condition – bilateral corneal edema.

He was thought to be healthy and around 3/4 weeks old but actually the situation was a lot different.

Nonetheless, Emily fell head over heels in love with the little one and despite his condition, he is living and seeing the best of lifes.

His condition means his eyes all look one color but with the right medication it won’t develop into anything serious.

Emily called the cute bundle Munchie and adopted him but unfortunately after a few weeks she noticed something else wasn’t quite right with the cat.

Munchie’s health deteriorated quite fast and the little one had to be taken to the vet where he spent four nights.

Munchie was diagnosed with a rare condition called hypoparathyroidism, which gives the cat abnormally low blood calcium levels. Severe cases of this disorder can lead to cats not eating and they become lethargic, but hopefully that won’t never be the case for our angel.

But soon as he was diagnosed they started Munchie on treatment and a special diet and he soon bounced back. His condition means he will likely stay the size of a kitten.

But what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality and he quickly bonded with the other animals in the house: Bella the dog and Aslan the fellow feline.

“He has a cheeky personality and a firm, loving bond with all the other animals in the household,” Emily said.

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