Straу Cаt Visits Strangеr’s Hоme Dailу By Entеring Dоor Cоde

Regardless of day and night, a stray cat would enter this person’s home in South Korea by entering their house’s door lock code, and bothers this person and her dog, Thor.

The person tries to chase the stray cat out, but he keeps coming back.

The stray cat keeps on going back in by entering this home’s door code:

The house owner revealed that the stray cat entering the door code for maximum 20 times per day.

This is the result caused by the stray cat:

Her husband once let the stray cat in after hearing the beep sound from the door lock, and even brushed and played with the cat to make him feel safe.

The stray cat even knows how to exit the building:

The stray cat continues to keep an eye on the person from a distance, as though he wants to be raised by the owner.

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