Somеone Нas Got To Stоp Таlking And Stаrt Listеning To This Kittеn!

We all have one. I’m talking about that one friend that always has something to say. Regardless of the subject, that friend talks way too much, always has an opinion he wants to express and wouldn’t shut up if his life depended on it. It can be really annoying at times. Well, the cat in the video below is the feline equivalent of that friend. But unlike your human friend, this kitty is soft, fury and cute as can be. And this kind of compensates for the fact that it also talks too much. I said kind of.

Despite having very little strength left to open its eyes, the ginger cat, affectionately named “Half Frozen,” persistently whined and yearned for more love

Раrаlуzеd рrеttу саt Dеtеrminеd tо Еnjоу Lifе Liке Оthеr Саts, Sсооts Неr Wау intо Еvеrуоnе’s Неаrt