Snowflake’s Story: Woman Rescues Kitty with Rare Vitiligo, Witness the Captivating Transformation of Her Coat into Exquisite Snowflake-Like Markings.

The animal kingdom is amazing, they are unpredictable and magical. Adopting a pet is like receiving a surprise gift, you will never know what they can bring to you. It depends on how Mother Nature gives us, such as their blooming personality transformation, a certain talent, or a unique physical look. One woman rescued two adorable tuxedo kittens on a farm with the hope of bringing them a fulfilled life. After months and years that followed, one of her kitties turned into a one-of-a-kind vitiligo moggy. The cat looks like she has just gotten out of the baking soda box. However, thanks to the distinctive appearance, the cat has been an Internet feline celeb. Her owner still loves the cat like the first time, even though she looks totally different.

Vitiligo is the rare condition of hair and skin depigmentation that commonly happens to humans. It happens to about one percent of the world’s population, which is roughly 50 million people. Vitiligo is the result of lacking melanin, the main factor that generates skin color. Melanin is produced by the skin cells which are called melanocytes. There is still no specific explanation for the loss of melanin, though. Some faded patches will gradually appear of the body parts, which can be more vulnerable than other ’normal’ organs. When it comes to animals, vitiligo primely sports to the fur.

In 2016, Nicole Böhm spotted two little kittens on the German farm, so she decided to offer them a roof to live under. The woman named her two black and white beauties Elli and Rosie. They had been living peacefully and happily for a year after and nothing seemed to be changed.

It was not until Elli’s first birthday that Nicole noticed her slight change. There was a white spot that emerged on Elli‘s body, which drove the woman to think her cat must have been sick. She bundled the cat off to the vet, and Elli was diagnosed with vitiligo.

“I was surprised, I’m still surprised.” – Said Nicole.

Nicole learned that the kitty was not an ordinary one, she decided to document Elli’s progress of hair color changing. As time goes by, from a solid black and white Elli to a ‘snowflake’ one in 2017 to a purely white feline with random dark gray drizzles in 2019.

A burning question is: did her sister cat Rosie recognize her unexpected changes? Nicole explained Rosie and Elli were still inseparable like the first time and the changes didn’t affect their bond much. The woman assumed Elli’s feline quirkiness was still the same.

“Her personality is the same as ever. It doesn’t matter to her.” – Nicole said.

“She is as cute and lovely and as playful as the first day.” – She continued.

But Elli doesn’t go on the journey alone. She has had nearly 120K followers on Instagram and still counting. People are excited to see her physical transformation everyday. They have been pouring out a lot of compliments and hearts for the vitiligo girl. Indeed, Elli is still beautiful in either look!

Lately, Nicole has shared that Elli finished her final appearance with a dipped tail. Although Nicole knew how to differentiate who was Rosie and Ellie since they resembled each other, now her task is easier thanks to Elli’s changes.


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