Sky, the cat from Macedonia, was beaten and had a broken jaw. However, a miracle happened when kind people came to its aid and helped Sky recover

In the middle of February 2021, she arrived at Cat Shelter Meow paws in Macedonia. It was immediately apparent that her lower jaw was broken in several places.

Her eyes were in bad shape, and her face was covered in blood. It was clear that she had been hit in the head. They immediately did her blood count and biochemistry.

The blood count showed that he had elevated values ​​of white blood cells, and the biochemistry showed that the injury was several days old. She was barely breathing. The volunteers did their best to keep her strong and endure.

She did not eat alone for a long time, they had to feed her, give her vitamins and change her diet, which they adapt to her needs. Days, months passed, and after many sleepless nights, stress, visits to the vet, therapy, surgery, quality food, lots of love, care and dedication, Skye completely transformed.

Look at her today, how beautiful and unrecognizable she is. Well done, wonderful people! Well done girl!

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