Residents Discover Meowing Kitten During Downpour, Now She Has a Lot to Say

A tiny kitten was found in the middle of a downpour by residents who heard her cries. Her loud meows saved her life!

Late last month, residents at an apartment complex in North Carolina heard what sounded like a kitten as they were walking by an AC unit. Upon investigation, they discovered a pint-sized tuxedo screaming at the top of her lungs, pleading for help.

A mother cat was nowhere to be found, and the kitten was alone and had been crying for some time. Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (in Greensboro, NC) was then contacted, and immediately offered to help.

The sweet kitten had a lot to say, meowing and trilling throughout her ride to the rescue. She was determined to have her voice heard by everyone around her.

“Immediately, we knew she was destined to have ‘Princess’ in her name, since she didn’t stop meowing, giving commands, and was so demanding of attention and affection,” Sarah Kelly, founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue, told us.

“We named her after a Peep, the Easter marshmallow candy that’s soft and squishy (just like her). Princess Peep became the perfect name.”

The kitten started talking from the second she arrived at her foster room. She didn’t hesitate to dish out requests every time she spotted someone nearby.

Princess Peep was brave and full of cattitude from the start, despite being just palm-sized. It took a few days of convincing for her to accept the bottle, but once she did, she ate to her heart’s content and quickly gained a healthy, chonky belly.

“Drinking her bottle and then rolling over and wiggling on her back for belly rubs has become her favorite thing,” Sarah shared with us.

“When we put her down in her playpen, she will meow to be picked up again or march around ‘surveying her kingdom,’ confidently and happily.”

Princess Peep is adamant about never being alone again. She’s figured out that her humans will cater to her every need, on demand, and has been using her voice actively to get what she wants.

“She’s also big into giving face kisses! She loves to nuzzle into our necks and faces,” Sarah added.

Thankfully, she will soon be introduced to other feline friends whom she can roughhouse and cuddle with. A litter of four kittens (Oscar, Toni, Emmy, and Grammy) came to the rescue a few days prior to Princess Peep.

They were found outside in a pile of insulation a few towns over. Coincidentally, they are all tuxedos and about one week younger than the little princess.

“She is halfway through her two week quarantine period. We can’t wait for her to finally have a little family! She’s going to be the best, bossiest big sister!”

As of now, the tuxedo girl is honing her gait and learning to climb while chatting up a storm. She has lots of fluffy blankets and a cozy bed, her cat castle, to curl up in, but as soon as Sarah walks in, she comes waddling.

The tiny kitten is loving her tiny furniture and an assortment of toys to play with. She is thriving in foster care and growing bigger and stronger every day.

Princess Peep is so happy to have a loving foster family to dote on her, and her personality is shining through.

This Easter, Princess Peep was gifted a bunny buddy (her pink peep) and she immediately started wrestling, working out those mittens!

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