Rescued from a cold box outside a store, the kittens find solace and nourishment, their hearts filled with gratitude as they embark on a journey towards a brighter future.

Kittens are so glad to have good food and a cozy place after being found in a box outside a store.

In early April, Nadija, a foster volunteer of AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue (in Florida), was informed about a pair of tortie kittens that had been located in front of a feed store. “They were found in a box labeled as ‘FREE.’ The person who found them reached out for help,” Nadija told Love Meow.

The kittens were around three weeks old, crawling with fleas. They were placed into a foster home with Nadija, so they could be cared for and have a comfortable environment to nestle in.

“They were extremely hungry and crying so loudly when they arrived, but I quickly got them fed and warm before they snuggled up to catch up on some much-needed sleep.”

The first 24 hours are usually the most challenging for orphaned kittens, as they are hungry and not used to bottle feedings or kitten milk replacement. “Thankfully, both of them started to latch to the bottle after only a few feedings.”

The torties were so pleased to be clean and free of those pesky fleas at last. They began kneading on their blankets and even let out their micro purrs.

The two egged each other on as they scarfed down the food from the bottle. They rolled around on their clean, soft bed sheets after each meal, and curled up into a cuddle puddle before falling asleep together.

Despite being just pint-sized, there was so much feistiness packed into those tiny bodies.

A few days into foster care, the kittens came down with some health issues. Luckily, they were able to receive the best care around the clock and plenty of TLC.

The feline sisters regained appetite and quickly bounced back on their paws. After a rough start in life, they could finally relax in their comfy kitty suite and enjoy their new chapter together.

“They are now back to eating, gaining some weight and most importantly, they have lots of energy again,” Nadija shared.

The pair embody the spirit of tortittude and are not shy of demanding what they want. While they are getting bigger and more active, their personalties are emerging.

No one knows how the tortie girls ended up outside the store, but the two will never have to spend another day outdoors.

They are thriving and have befriended other furry residents in the house.

The sisters have grown in size and fluff, and are using their new-found strength to venture around and create mischief.

They are an adorable pair, doing everything together and following in each other’s paw-steps.

“They have big personalities, are very chatty, love to explore and make friends with other cats, dogs, and love to snuggle,” Nadija shared with Love Meow.

In a few weeks, the sisters will be ready to look for a forever home together. As for now, they are busy honing their feline skills and living each day to the fullest.

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