Resсue kittу nаmed Wоlf the catvеnturer wаs bоrn to exрlore

Sometimes in life, we cross paths with a cat or kitten in need, and instantly our life changes. This is one of those stories. This amazing cat’s situation is similar to the plight of many kittens from unwanted litters of cats. For one adorable cat named Wolf, it seems she’s found the purrfect cat mom to help her live her very best life. Together, the two of them explore the beautiful Canadian landscapes, documenting their adventures along the way. I caught up with Wolf’s cat mom hoping to feature her tale, and thankfully she agreed. It just goes to show you that sometimes in life, all a cat needs is just one person to take a chance on them to change everything.

How did Wolf come into your life?

Our story starts November 25th, 2018 at around 11PM. My neighbour who I was really close to knocked on my door while holding mini Wolfie. She was 1.7 pounds, shivering. He said he was walking home and she was meowing very loudly, on a busy road downtown Vancouver. He tried to find her mom or siblings but without success. He knew that it was a cold night and he couldn’t leave her outside. He also knew that I love cats because I was always happy to see his two cats. He said he couldn’t keep her because the two older cats wouldn’t be happy. I borrowed some food and litter from him and we cuddled all night. Right away, it seemed that she had adopted me. She would curl up around my neck and sleep there for hours. My original plan wasn’t to keep her, but I fell in love with her. The next day, I went to the vet and bought everything I needed, including a bunny harness because it was the only one that would fit her. I had had cats in the past so it wasn’t a difficult decision.

The day we went to the pet store…

How did Wolf get her cool name?

Wolf was very sick when I got her and had digestive issues. I took her to the vet to get her shots and antibiotics and make sure she was ok. Turns out she also had what’s called a “fever coat”. This is more obvious on black cats but can affect any kitten. It happens when the mom is sick or has fever while pregnant with her kittens and it affects the pigment of their fur for the first 3-6 months until it eventually grows out to its normal fur color. Wolf was mostly grey when I got her because of that. It eventually grew to be black! Because of that, when the vet assistant saw her, she said omg she looks like a little wolf! She didn’t have a name yet so I thought that was an awesome name! It’s unique and fierce, just like her!

What is her personality like?

I would say she is extremely curious in terms of smells and sounds. She sniffs everything and is extremely alert to any sound. She loves being out in nature, especially in the forest. She’s not a fan of big open spaces such as parks or beaches. She is an extremely picky eater! She gets cold easily during fall winter or spring and hot easily during the summer so I have to monitor her closely to make sure she’s comfortable. She’s really good with car rides and seems to love them! She loves to play. She has separation anxiety and when I leave the house and then come home, she acts as if I was gone forever, she meows and wants me to pick her up and hold her in my arms, she purs loudly and rubs her face against mine. She’s not a very cuddly kitty, except during those moments or at night when we sleep. She’s very talkative and always has a lot of things to say! She’s very friendly to dogs but despises other cats.

How did you realize she had a taste for adventure?

I started taking her outside daily to explore the neighbourhood as soon as I got her. She seemed comfortable, curious, and fearless! She would walk up to people and was never shy or anxious. She always wanted to go outside and loved car rides so we started exploring further and further from home. Wolf is happy when she’s with me, no matter where we are so it made sense that she wanted to follow me on my adventures. I’m someone who hates being at home so it felt like she knew she had to be adventurous if she wanted to be in my life. However, it seemed natural for her as she started this journey with me at such a young age, I never pressured her to do things that made her uncomfortable. We have such a strong bond that I know right away when she doesn’t seem comfortable in a situation and I adjust to make sure she’s happy.

Does she have any other cat or dog housemates at home?

We don’t have any other pets. We have stayed at my brother’s house for 2 months and he had a big rottweiler that she befriended.

What are her favorite hobbies?

Wolf loves to nap and watch the birds, squirrels, and bunnies in our backyard through the windows. She spends the majority of her day doing that. She also loves to play with feather toys or play hide and seek with me. I hide, she finds me, I pretend to chase her, she runs and we start over. She also loves car rides and being carried in her backpack while out exploring. She loves to sniff things while outside.

What’s something special you’d like people to know about Wolf?

Wolf is and always has been obsessed with tires and car front bumpers. She spends so much time sniffing them it’s hilarious. I make jokes that she used to be a mechanic in a previous life.

I’d like to give a special “thank you” to Wolf’s cat mom, Karine, for allowing me to share her heartwarming tale and precious photos with all of the readers.

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