Offiсers Sаve Poоr Kittеn Stuсk In Irоn Piрeline With Speсial Equipmеnt

Kittens sure have a way of getting themselves into really tight spots.

Which is why we’re thankful that we have the Fire & Rescue Department of Malaysia who always seems to step in to help a furry friend in need.

They recently took to their Facebook page to showcase a rescue mission of a kitten stuck in some pipes.

They wrote, “Humanitarian services to rescue a cat that had gotten trapped in iron pipelines at Block J of the PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil.”

For the job, they sent in the Bravo team with special equipment that can cut through the piping.

“The Bravo team managed to save the kitten by cutting the iron pipeline using special equipment. Credit is also given to the public for their concern by reporting this incident,” they added.

Not only do our Fire & Rescue officers risk their lives to keep us Malaysians safe, but they also willing to go above and beyond to save poor animals in need.

Hence, the next time you see an animal in a situation you can’t get it out of on your own, you know who to call. Thank you abang-abang bomba, you guys are truly the unsung heroes of Malaysia.

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