new foster baby, He’s about 4-5 days old. He was found outside


Meet new foster baby, Otter!

 He’s about 4-5 days old. He came into @andersonanimalshelter this morning after being found outside, Another foster stepped up to take Hoover, Dyson, and Shark so I had time to take this little guy. I’m glad they have someone who can give them one-on-one attention! Otter is occupying the incubator with his Snuggle Puppy, which worked out perfectly because Fern is 3 weeks old today meaning she graduated from the incubator into a playpen. It was empty for less than an hour! Otter is the most adorable chunky boy.

Otter might be one of the easiest bottle babies I’ve ever had! He’s doing SO well and he’s the sweetest baby. I love this little chunky boy

Just a little orange boi soaking up the day’s last rays of the sun

30 whole seconds of pure sweetness♥️ Otter has been battling a coccidia infection for the past week, but thanks to ponazuril it cleared up pretty fast. He’s growing like a weed! ⁣

If I’m not as active on here or forget to reply to messages, don’t worry—it’s not you, it’s me! This kitten season has been keeping me on my toes 24/7 and it leaves me with limited time to spend on social media. Thankfully Otter and Mishka are my only bottles babies and will probably start weaning in a week, so I’m starting to get some of my free time back!

Otter and Mishka wanted to show off their walking skills. Mishka is such an overachiever…poor Otter never had a chance.

Otter, Mishka, Cloud, and I took a little trip to Indianapolis for the weekend to visit family! Otter is getting quite a lot of attention here. Who could resist that face?

Who else can hear this picture?? Either he’s complaining that the foodservice around here is slow or he’s excited that he reached 1 lb today! I’m going to go with the latter. Welcome to the 1 lb club, Otter!

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