Nestled on the grass, a tiny bundle of fur cried out with all its might—a one-day-old kitten in desperate need of help!

The man was at the farm when he heard the mournful cry of a kitten… He went in the direction of the sounds and found a small ball of wool lying in the grass!

kitten in the palm of your hand

The man thought that the mother cat would soon return, but she never showed up. Then he gently lifted the baby from the ground with one hand and carried him home.

Then the man turned to a volunteer named Jessica for help.

At that time, the baby was about a day old, and it remained unclear whether he would survive. Jessica immediately arrived for the baby, taking with her a bottle of milk replacer for the kitten to feed him.

The baby weighed only 86 grams. His life hung in the balance, but Jessica refused to give up. She even gave the pet a nickname – now his name is Woody.

kitten in the palm of your hand figure 2

After the girl fed the baby for the first time, he immediately fell asleep. This little one had the heart of a real warrior, so everyone immediately guessed that he was not going to give up!

Jessica and another volunteer named Kim take turns looking after Woody.

kitten on the bed

A week later, the baby began to weigh two hundred grams! He became attached to Kim and Jessica, who came to feed him every two hours, and also made sure that he was warm and cozy.

As soon as Woody’s tiny eyes opened, he began to crawl on fragile legs, trying to explore the surrounding space. The kid really liked the soft blanket, which the volunteers carefully brought him. Now he enjoys riding it.

plump kitten

In a few weeks, Woody was so strong that there was nothing to worry about anymore. Volunteers watch the baby grow and rejoice in its success.

The baby will be ready for adoption very soon!

It’s good that a caring man drew attention to Woody. A one-day-old kitten had no chance of surviving on the street on its own. Thank you!

Trapped in the rain, the kittens huddle together, seeking comfort in each other’s embrace, while our attempt to find their mother proved to be a misstep

As the kitten with an endearing ‘Elvis Lip’ finally encounters the person it has long awaited, it releases the most heartfelt and adorable meow, tugging at the heartstrings