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Nanoperforation – a real rejuvenation without operations!


What woman doesn’t dream of eternal youth? The modern cosmetology offers us a set of techniques of rejuvenation. But not all are capable of providing the necessary effect. Laser nanoperforation – the unique technique there isn’t analogs yet. It is extremely effective, absolutely safe and has very short period of restoration. In more detail about this technique we were told by the dermatocosmetologist.

What is the nanoperforation?

– Laser nanoperforation is the newest and effective way to fight against wrinkles. It has all advantages of traditional ways (such as fractional rejuvenation, laser peeling), but it does not have disadvantages.

Whether there are proofs?

Yes. Clinical researches of a new method of rejuvenation of skin were conducted by Mario A.Trelles – the President of the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS), the European laser association (ELA), the doctor of medical sciences, the plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is an author of more than 250 scientific articles, the international editor of the Dermatological Surgery (USA), one of the most authoritative experts in the field of laser medicine in the world. Researches were conducted in France, Spain, and United Arab Emirates. During these researches efficiency and safety of nanoperforation was proved.

In addition, the newest technique of SMA rejuvenation (nanoperforation) was interesting to journalists of the French national TV channel France 2. They took out rejuvenation procedure in Centre medical in Paris on a camera, and showed real results in news.

What is wrong in traditional ways of laser rejuvenation?

– First of all, it is severe pain and the long period of after treatment. The patient should “drop out” of habitual life for 1-2 weeks that certainly not everyone is able to afford.

Are you saying now that beauty does not require sacrifice?

– Yes, it is right. The procedure is very comfortable, doesn’t cause discomfort and doesn’t demand any special anesthesia. The laser frames a grid of microchannels on the skin, all of which are smaller than a human cell. Such a minor injury doesn’t cause pain, but causes the body to lose all the old skin.

That is after procedure any traces of influence aren’t visible?

– Yes, microchannels can be seen only through a microscope. After procedure the skin becomes pink, there is a feeling of warmth. But you have no discomfort and in a day or two reddening disappear. Then the top layers of the skin start peeling off and within about two weeks you see how the wrinkles disappear, skin texture aligns itself and skin becomes younger.

When after procedure is it possible to start a habitual way of life, for example, to go to work in the office?
– I can tell that often our patients do procedure on Friday evening, and on Monday morning they are at office! If you are confused of pink complexion, apply a light layer of powder – and anybody will notice nothing. More precisely, they will notice in some days as you begin to look fresh and young!

How is it possible to describe result of procedure of nanoperforation?

– There is a regeneration of the top layer of the skin. As a result of it skin color improves, wrinkles are smoothed. The skin comes back to its former tone, it becomes more dense and resilient. Besides, it is important that the appreciable effect is reached after the first session.

How long does the effect of the laser nanoperforation take? Whether one session is sufficient?
– Your skin became younger. Lead a healthy lifestyle, look after the skin – and you will not need a second course of treatment. Yes, it is ideal to make 2-3 treatments within an interval of 2-3 weeks. But even after one procedure you receive excellent result.

What else beside skin rejuvenation do you apply this technique?

– Laser nanoperforation is successfully used in cosmetics, as a technique of fight against scars, a post-acne and stretch marks. Nanoperforation stimulates the body’s production of collagen. Scars and stretch marks will gradually flatten and eventually become completely invisible, as if they had never been there.

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