Mesmerizing Multi-Colored-Eyed Cat Captivates Hearts

What gives this adorable cat such magical eyes is a condition known as sectoral heterochromia, this is when the iris of each eye contains two different colours in the same area. I think we’ve all seen odd-eyed cats, this is known as complete heterochromia, where one iris has a different colour from the other. The origin of this name comes from the term heterochromia iridis, which is greek for “differently coloured irises”.

So how does such a strange condition occur? Well, it all has to do with a cat’s genes, which determine pigmentation. All kittens are born with blue eyes. The true colour begins to appear when a kitten is between 7-12 weeks old. This colour is determined by the amount of melanin that moves into the iris, and blue eyes are a result of no melanin.

Cats with this condition are more often white or partially white. Without a doubt these cats (and sometimes dogs) are some of the most fascinating-looking creatures on the planet!

Here are some more kitties with the same condition.

I would just like to add that although beautiful, you should talk to your vet if your cats eyes begin to look multi-coloured after she has matured. Remember, healthy eye colour development will be complete within the first 12 weeks of a kitten’s life. Changes in colour after that could be a result of inflammation, iron deposits, or blood in your cat’s eyes.

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