Meet Merlin, the perpetually grumpy-looking Ragdoll cat who captures hearts with his unique expression.

Meet Merlin, The Ragdoll Cat Who Looks Always Pissed Off

In the beginning there was only Grumpy Cat, and the internet went completely crazy for him, but now with millions of people using Instagram and Facebook, we are getting used to any kind of celebrity pet.
In spite of that, we think we’ve found something new, and today we want to introduce you to Merlin, the Canada-based Ragdoll cat who looks always pissed of.
What’s unique about Merlin is that he looks cute and angry in equal parts, and the more you see his frowning face, the more you want to cuddle with him.
Just Something picked some of the best photos of Merlin, and if you want to know more about his adventures, feel free to visit his Instagram and Facebook pages.









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