Meet Henri: The Cat with Expressive Eyebrows That Sparked a Viral Sensation

Henri, famously known as the Canadian cat with eyebrows, has become an internet sensation due to his unique facial markings. Though cats are not known for having proper eyebrows, Henri and a few other felines have captured hearts worldwide with their distinctive features. Bored Panda had the incredible opportunity to speak with Megan, the proud owner of Henri, who shared her loving journey with us. Despite his fame, Henri remains a beloved pet and cherished companion to Megan. Join us on a heartwarming exploration of Henri’s story, his striking markings, and the beautiful relationship he shares with his caretaker. Follow his adventures on Instagram.

Meet Henri, the charming feline with striking “eyebrows” that resides in Canada under the care of his affectionate owner, Megan. Curious to learn more about how Henri came into her life, we asked Megan for the full story. According to her, it all began at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when she turned 18 and finally convinced her dog-loving parents to let her adopt a cat – a lifelong desire. Being a staunch advocate of rescue and adoption over buying, Megan quickly scoured through various humane societies and shelters in search of a kitten, and it wasn’t long before she came across Henri and his litter at the nearest shelter. Infatuated with him, she hastily submitted her application and underwent several virtual interviews with the shelter staff to ensure that he was a good fit. Fortunately, Henri’s personality aligned perfectly with what Megan was looking for, and she was delighted to welcome him into her home. Now, the stunning cat with unique eyebrows has become quite the internet sensation, capturing the hearts of many.

Meet Henri, a cat who stands out with his solid white coat and black tail, complemented by two distinct markings that resemble eyebrows. These “cat eyebrows” give Henri’s already expressive face an added touch of emotion, conveying a range of feelings from concern to surprise, sadness to fear. But there’s more to this adorable feline than just his striking appearance. Get ready for a cat with a personality as unique as his looks!

Henri’s expressive face with his funny eyebrows makes it difficult for him to hide any emotions. However, this unique trait only adds to his charming and quirky personality. Henri has won the hearts of many, especially his owner Megan, who gave him a loving home and a feline companion, Chihiro, after he was separated from his mother at a young age. Despite his rough start, Henri continues to spread joy and love with his cute and adorable antics.

Megan reminisced about some of the early days after adopting Henri. She recalled being told that there were hundreds of other applicants vying for him, some even from different provinces. However, the interviewer recognized Megan’s genuine passion for cats and eagerness to adopt her first one. She believed that Henri would enhance Megan’s experience and chose her as his new owner. Megan expressed her gratitude, especially knowing how many others had wanted to adopt Henri. Henri truly was a charming gentleman who stole hearts.

When Henri and his siblings were just a few weeks old, they were surrendered and left without a caretaker. However, Henri was fortunate enough to be taken in by Megan, who loves and cares for him dearly. Henri is one of the most popular funny cats with eyebrows online, and many people are amazed by his unique markings. When people first meet Henri, they are often surprised by how much his markings make him appear to have real emotions. However, after a few moments, everyone can appreciate the humor and love that Henri brings. Henri is even more adorable and amusing in person, with his clumsy and quirky personality shining through. Guests who visit will often find Henri perched atop his cat tower, staring at them with a concerned expression that is sure to elicit laughter.

Megan had a burning desire to adopt a feline companion, and it wasn’t long before she found a strong connection with Hénri, the cat with eyebrows. When asked about how she came up with the name Hénri, Megan divulged a peculiar tale. Although she hails from Ontario, her family frequently visited Quebec, where they met someone who dog-sat for them. The family was smitten with the way he pronounced his name with a French accent, and it became an inside joke. When naming her cat, Megan aimed for a distinguished and refined name that would suit Hénri’s gentlemanly demeanor.

Upon their first encounter, Megan was immediately captivated by Henri, the charming feline who sported a unique set of eyebrows that accentuated his adorable features. Despite his diminutive physique, the distinctive markings on his face were even more pronounced, leaving a lasting impression on Megan. Credit for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

The image credits go to mycatwitheyebrows. Megan shares how Henri still brings joy to her even as he grows older. She expresses how coming home to him is a delight as he never fails to make her laugh with his amusing facial expressions. She goes on to say that Henri loves having guests and visitors over, and enjoys meeting new people. He is always enthusiastic about checking them out and leaving his scent on them, be it Megan’s parents, friends or family. Therefore, it’s essential to let those little paws with eyebrows rest and let Henri enjoy his company.

Adorable little Henri is catching some Z’s! Judging by his sleeping position, he seems to be very content and doesn’t want to be bothered. Props to his cat parent for capturing this precious moment. Photo credits go to mycatwitheyebrows.

Let’s hope that Henri is well-rested and ready for some playtime when he wakes up!

Photo credits: mycatwitheyebrows
Is Henri giving you the evil eye?

Every now and then, Henri the cat looks at people with a genuinely concerned expression, which is quite comical considering that his dark fur above his eyes gives him “eyebrows.” While many cats have unique fur patterns, Henri’s story went viral and left us wondering how his owner, Megan, feels about the attention her beloved feline is receiving. Megan expressed her gratitude for all the attention: “I am overwhelmed and grateful for everything that has happened in just a few weeks! It’s amazing what can happen after one viral video, which has almost 3 million views! The internet and social media are unpredictable, but it’s surreal that Henri has reached such a large audience. I didn’t expect this to happen, but it’s proof that if you share content, you never know what could happen!” In short, Henri’s expressive eyebrows continue to bring laughter and joy to many people around the world.

Henri is a little reserved and tends to be on the shy side. However, he has a peculiar habit of chewing with his mouth open that always leaves us chuckling. Check out this adorable picture of Henri with his unique eyebrows – credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows!

Henri finds comfort in chewing, which also makes him appear as if he’s talking. In this hilarious moment, captured by mycatwitheyebrows, Henri’s unique behavior brings joy and laughter to those around him.

Henri has some unique characteristics that set him apart, and one of them is his tendency to be a bit clumsy. He also has some endearing quirks that make him quite lovable. One of his favorite activities is kneading on blankets, which brings him a lot of joy. Photo credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

One of Henri’s most adored hobbies is kneading on blankets, and he can spend countless hours doing it. The image credits go to mycatwitheyebrows.

One of Henri’s favorite activities is lounging by the window, watching the happenings of the world outside and possibly giving us sassy looks with his adorable eyebrows. He’s quite the character and Megan adores him as her faithful companion. Photo credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

Our next inquiry was about the factors that contribute to Henri’s happiness and whether Megan has any special measures in place to ensure it. According to her, Henri is a content feline who is happy as long as he gets to nap or enjoys some company. He loves blankets and can make biscuits all day, purring away in pleasure. Megan ensures that there are always one or two blankets in the room for him, even in hot weather. Although Henri isn’t much of a climber, he enjoys lounging on his cat tree. Overall, he’s a laid-back fellow who likes to do as he pleases.

Megan tries to keep her cats occupied and engaged by regularly switching up their toys and furniture arrangements. She believes that this approach has been successful in keeping them active and happy. Image credits: mycatwitheyebrows

Megan finds great comfort and support in her furry companion, Henri, who helps her manage her mental disability. Maintaining a strong bond with your cat requires effort, but it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Megan admits that her cats are sometimes the only thing that keeps her going during tough times. She believes that they possess their own unique healing powers and loves them more than anything else in the world. To share her love for her feline friend without bombarding her friends and family with endless photos, she started Henri’s account. Although she never expected it, Henri has gained a following of his own and brings joy to others as well. Megan thinks of Henri as a one-of-a-kind cat and is thrilled that others appreciate him and all he has to offer.

Meet Henri’s feline friend, Chihiro. As we chatted with Megan, Henri’s human companion, we couldn’t help but ask about the relationship between the two cats. Megan assured us that she did her research before introducing Chihiro to Henri’s territory. She even made sure to get another kitten of the same gender to increase the chances of a successful introduction. The two felines communicated through the bottom of the door for a while before finally meeting each other. To everyone’s delight, they hit it off instantly! While Henri is a relaxed and laidback cat who enjoys sleeping and grooming, Chihiro is more outgoing and active. Megan noted that the two cats complement each other well, and their friendship has been a joy to watch.

The two cats have formed an unbreakable bond, always sticking together. Whenever one of them is left alone, the other starts to wail. It’s heartwarming to see them snuggled up on their favorite chair or my bed, enjoying each other’s company. The two felines are incredibly amiable and Henri seems thrilled to have a new playmate. He relishes in exploring new things and meeting new animals. Notably, both cats love to venture outside and explore the world beyond the walls of their home.

According to Megan, her feline friends are big fans of outdoor adventures. Being a nature enthusiast herself, she enjoys spending time outside whenever the weather is good and tries to include her cats in her activities as much as possible. One of her favorite hobbies is bird watching, and it seems that her cats share her excitement for this pastime. Although she hopes to train them to wear harnesses one day, for now, they are content with their stroller. In the near future, Megan also plans on building a catio for her cats. While she understands the appeal of letting cats roam free outdoors, she believes it’s safer for them and the local wildlife to keep them inside. However, she recognizes how important it is for cats to have access to the outdoors for their enrichment.

Attribution for the image goes to mycatwitheyebrows.

The owner of the Instagram page mycatwitheyebrows, Megan, loves spending time with her cute cats outdoors. She frequently shares charming pictures of herself and her furry companions, which have gained a lot of attention from cat lovers around the world.

The picture used in this content belongs to the Instagram account mycatwitheyebrows.

Credit goes to the Instagram handle mycatwitheyebrows for the image used in this text.

Photo courtesy of mycatwitheyebrows
Megan Cradling Henri in Her Embrace

Attribution: The adorable photo of Megan and Henri gazing outside is courtesy of the Instagram account mycatwitheyebrows.

Even though Henri’s story has become immensely popular, he is still a happy and beloved pet. Credit goes to mycatwitheyebrows for the adorable pictures.

With a rocky beginning, Henri has finally found his perfect home with his human friend Megan and his furry feline pal, Chihiro. Henri’s humorous antics have made him quite popular online, but what’s more important is that he is loved and cared for in his new home. Megan sometimes thinks about bringing in another cat to their little family, which could mean even more fun for Henri and his new companion. If you’re feeling inspired, why not share your own pet story on Bored Panda? And don’t forget to follow us on Google News!

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