Little Kitten Was Rescued After Falling Down From The 9th Floor

This kitten suffered so much with a brain concussion after being fallen down from the 9th floor of a building. Besides, her eyes barely worked as they should. Some kind-hearted people found her and took her to a vet hospital immediately, even when they thought that she wouldn’t survive after this horrific accident.

She was in a bad condition and had a slim chance of survival. However, the vets didn’t give up and tried their best to save her life. Thankfully, their effort was paid off. After two months in the vet’s office with the best medical treatment and loving care, the kitten was healthier and stronger.

So heartbreaking to see her cry but good sign she is eating and drinking.  She still needs time to heal and gain her health, but we are sure that she will get recovered soon. This little fluffy ginger kitten is a fighter with courage, with the heart of a lion.

Watch the full rescued here:

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