Law Firm Hires Kitten As “Cattorney” After Visitors Complain

A stray kitten named Leon wandered into the police office Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB) in search of shelter during a thunderstorm.

Naturally this little kitty had presumed he’d found his new home because when the rain finally went away he decided to stay.


He would pass the time of day in the lobby greeting everyone that entered the building.

But it didn’t take long for the OAB to get complaints because some people felt it was inappropriate to have a stray cat wandering around a professional building.


However, the OAB came up with a fantastic solution to stop the complaints.

They hired the cat as an official greeter!

They gave him his own badge that proved he worked there, and his salary was made up of food, shelter, treats and love.


He now goes by the name Dr. Leon, he loves spending his time around the office and can be found greeting people as they enter.

When Dr. Jeanette Laredo shared the good news on social media the post it quickly went viral.


She also posted an update saying he recently got a promotion and is “now a lawyer.”

This fun promotion came with a clever new name: Dr. Leon Advogato or Dr. Leon Lawyer.

He even has his own Instagram page with over 90,000 followers where people can learn about his adventures and animal law.


Today, he is close to becoming the face of an animal rights institute that will be called Instituto Dr. Leon.

This delightful kitty has come along way since he decided to shelter from the rain, he couldn’t have chosen a better place.

This is Oliver! Oliver is a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll and was born 5-11-2017. Oliver was adopted (purchased) from AdorableDolls Ragdolls, Roseville, CA. I finally got the sweet Ragdoll I had dreamed of for 10 years!

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