Lоst Kittеn Gеts A Nеw Poliсe Sergeаnt Dаd For Fаther’s Daу

A Lakeland, Florida police sergeant added a furry new member to his family just in time for Father’s Day. The fluffy gray kitten was discovered huddled at the base of a lamppost Saturday evening by Officer Cardin of the Lakeland Police Department.

Cardin scooped up the little lost soul and brought her back to the station. He made her a cozy place to rest with towels and a cardboard box, then placed her in the station’s kennel for safe keeping.

Since it was still early in his shift, Officer Cardin headed back out, but the little kitten didn’t have to be lonely for long! She soon caught the eye of Sergeant Wallace, another officer on duty that evening.

Wallace decided to keep the little gal with him throughout his shift so she wouldn’t have to spend the night alone. As kittens have been known to do, the snuggly furball wormed her way right into Sgt. Wallace’s heart!

By the time the sun rose on Father’s Day morning, she had a new name – Kelsey – and a brand new papa to celebrate her first Dad’s Day with!

According to the Lakeland PD Facebook page, Kelsey has adapted quite well to her new role as Wallace’s partner – although she did fall asleep her first night on the job!

She might not make the best cop, but this cutie is certain to climb the ranks as a loving pet in her new forever home! Congratulations on your “new addition,” Sergeant Wallace! And a big thank you to Officer Cardin for rescuing sweet Kelsey!

The little stray kitten is dirty and unkempt, finally getting a bath after a long time. It looks so adorable now.

Stаrving Kittеn Finds Haрpiness Agаin Aftеr Staуing In Negleсt On Busу Strеet