Kittens Come Out of Bushes Together, Climb on Rescuer, and Ready to Leave with Them


Two kittens came out of the bushes and climbed the legs of a rescuer, as they were ready to leave the busy road.

Blue the calico and Max the orange tabby@kittens_november

Last month, Good Samaritans spotted a pair of kittens hiding in the bushes by a busy road. They went up to investigate and discovered one orange kitten and a calico huddled together.

“I found them in the grass and bushes next to the road. There was food that someone had left there, but the kittens were too young to eat it,” the rescuers shared with Love Meow via Instagram @kittens_november.

The kittens were just a few weeks old and in desperate need of rescue.

The kittens were found in bushes by a busy [email protected]_november

When they approached the kittens, the little ones came out of the bushes and walked towards their feet. The calico immediately tried to climb their legs, as if she was ready to go with them.

They waited around for the cat’s mother to return, but there was no sign of her.

The calico immediately tried to climb her rescuer’s legs@kittens_november

“The weather was so cold and I couldn’t leave the kittens outside to fend for themselves.”

The calico jumped up and hugged her rescuer’s leg with all her might while her brother stood nearby. The Good Samaritans scooped them up and brought them to safety.


They took the kittens into their home, cleaned them up, and fed them kitten formula. They were so hungry that they scarfed down the food within minutes.

The feline siblings went to sleep with full bellies that day, in a comfy, warm bed. They got a lot of rest, making up for lost sleep.

They were so happy to be safe and ate to their hearts’ [email protected]_november

“When I went back to the place where the kittens were found, I heard from local carers that they had been abandoned without their mother a few days before, and living dangerously next to the road,” the rescuers shared.

The two furballs have adjusted beautifully to indoor life. They like to curl up together on a soft blanket and purr themselves to sleep.

Getting some much-needed rest after a long ordeal@kittens_november

The brother and sister were lovingly named Max (orange) and Blue (calico). “Max is a little bigger than his sister and has adorable pink toe beans. Blue is so affectionate and keeps trying to climb our legs.”

They enjoy getting brushed with a toothbrush, and follow their people around the house for attention and pets.


Max and Blue got a clean bill of health at their first vet appointment. When they got home, they went right to sleep in a warm bed without a worry in the world.

“Blue likes to cuddle in my arms. She is very charming and cute. Max will turn into a sweet potato after eating as much as his belly can fit.” He has an enormous appetite.

Blue loves to cuddle with her people@kittens_november

Max is getting braver and more playful each day, living up to his ginger reputation.

He and Blue are like two peas in a pod. They wrestle, chase each other around the house, and snuggle together when they need a break from playing.

Max has a big personality@kittens_november

Max encourages his sister to venture with him around the house, exploring every nook and cranny.

The weather is cold outside, but their home is warm and filled with purrs, chirps, and cuddles.

They do everything [email protected]_november

The two mischief-makers have toured around the living room and bedrooms and sniffed every piece of furniture they can find. They do everything as a duo and rub off on each other’s energy.


They are loving their new life as indoor cats, away from the elements of the outdoors.

Best of friends@kittens_november

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