Kitten Stuck In Narrow Pit For Months Finally Got Rescued

Being a stray is never easy. Life on the streets is always full of dangers and sometimes they don’t come from other animals, they come from the smallest and most quiet things in life that they would never question.

This poor kitten fell into a pit and was trapped there for about 2 – 3 months. During that touch time, she had lived a lonely life and could only meet the world through a 2-inch gap. The little stray never forgot to cry for help each day, especially at night. And thankfully, her cry was heard.

A kind man accidentally spotted that pitiful gal when he was heading home after work at midnight. He had fed her for 2 months straight and tried to save the calico cat himself several times, but it was all in vain. The cat also struggled to get out by herself, but it just got harder and harder as she grew bigger day by day.

In fact, that compassionate man wasn’t the only one who noticed the luckless kitty. Many people around heard her meowing too, but the ones who worried about her the most were definitely the local kids. They loved to hang out with the cat daily, gave her some food and played with her for a while.

After the cat drew more and more attention, a local TV finally heard about her and quickly came to her aid. An urgent rescue was planned right away with the help of a few experts. As they embark on the rescue, people started to gather around to witness the touching moment they had been waiting for.

They got so close, but unfortunately the doubtful cat was too anxious to come out even though the rescue net was right in front of her. Eventually, one of her human friends – the man who had fed her decided to go down there himself.

And to their relief, the smart kitty rapidly recognized him. She slowly moved forwards and then finally reached the outside world, while everybody burst with joy.

Bang-ul the rescued kitty is currently living with her savior and is busy enjoying her VIP indoor life. For more delightful moments of Bang-ul, please visit her daddy’s YouTube channel. And of course, don’t forget to share this moving story with your loved ones too!

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