Kittеn with Strоng Will Trаnsforms frоm Pаlm-sizеd Wоnder to Swеetest Shоulder Cаt

A kitten who was just the size of a palm, has transformed into the sweetest shoulder cat.

A little grey kitten and her sister came to foster care when they were a couple of weeks old. Sara Tiedeman, a veterinary technician, stepped up to help when they were transferred to the rescue she works with.

The grey kitten was very underdeveloped and just skin and bones. Despite being so small, she showed an incredible will to live from the start.

“I had to tube-feed her for a couple of days before she could figure out how to latch,” Sara told.

Sara gave the kittens strong names, Wild (grey) and Brave (tabby), as a sign of strength. She fed them around the clock and provided supportive care throughout the day, giving them the best chance to thrive.

The duo kept each other going with their constant snuggles. As soon as Wild regained enough strength, she rolled over on her paws and started moving around while she voiced her many opinions.

The grey kitten quickly filled out from all the nutritious meals. She was able to stand up tall and explore like a healthy kitten. Whenever Sara came in with a bottle, she was the first to be up and crying, and ready to be served. “She is as happy as can be, and I am so proud of her.”

In just a week, the kittens made a complete 180 and their personalities began to emerge. Wild would melt into her foster mom every time she was snuggled.

The grey kitten was a bit behind developmentally. At three weeks old, she was the size of a 2-week-old kitten, but what she lacked in weight, she made up for with her adorable quirks.

Wild was excited about meal time and would stare at her foster mom while she prepared her food. Once her belly was filled, she would snuggle up to her human for an intense cuddle session.

Wild and her sister reached one milestone after another. The rambunctious feline was thrilled when they moved into a spacious kitten suite with all the extra room to roughhouse in.

“They were dealt a tough hand, but they are absolutely thriving,” Sara wrote.

Wild has blossomed into a brave, adventurous kitten packed with attitude. She grasps every opportunity to snuggle in Sara’s lap and has figured out how to crawl her way up her shoulders.

“Brave likes to nestle into my pants hammock while Wild is all over the place! They are such opposites with their personalities.”

Wild continues to be a little spitfire just like she was when Sara first met her. She has grown by leaps and bounds and has a larger-than-life personality. The sweet grey kitten is truly living up to her name.

“Wild is perpetually ready to party and Brave is perpetually ready to snuggle.”

The feline sisters are well on their way to a wonderful future ahead of them.

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